Just finished Certification Centre promo clips shot on Sony FS100. This beautiful image was captured from one interviewee, simple 2 tungsten setup with one practical of course. It means if you treat your camera well it doesn’t matter, what you are shooting on. It’s all about lighting, contrast, composition and […]


Blackmagic Cinema Camera & SUP

SUP Safaris at Kakumäe from Asko Elken on Vimeo.

Few weeks ago we got a new Blackmagic Cinema Camera (BMCC). Actually preordered it almost a year ago. Was very exited to see how it performs in a real world in my own hands. Despite all quirks I’m happy with its picture quality. It IS really good.. especially if you […]

Kes veel ei tea, siis meil on olemas 4.5x6m foam baked green screen ja piisavalt vatte kasvõi kogu stuudio valgustamiseks. Nädal tagasi korraldasime ristsed, jagasime pooleteise tunni jooksul näpunäiteid green screeni ja subjekti valgustamiseks, kaamera seadistamiseks. Plaanime tulevikus taolisi näidisshoote ka edaspidi korraldada. Stay tuned!