To make it even sweeter life from Asko Elken on Vimeo.

First of thanks to our brilliant and supportive crew! This was my first time to shoot with RED and I wanted to share some thoughts about it. For this moment I had a bit better knowleds how raw cameras work. I did a reasearch how to expose RED etc. Besically there are a lot more tools to use compared to BMCC (histogram, false colors, raw clipping mode).. IMHO all that normal camera has to be. For me it was made really easy – well exposed scene, in camera LUT (which I miss shooting with my BMCC.. another forthcoming blogpost about LUTs soon), the best 1st AC Karlis and homemade storyboard. We had 2.5 hours and without big crew/camera experience (neather I and our director Andres) we managed to compleate with some minor mistakes of course. Lucky us, we had 4K r3d files to work with and to smooth bigger errors with cropping shots 🙂

About grading r3d. Nothing to say, it’s like grading BMCC Cinema DNG files. For a smooth playback/edit I had to render proxies first and grade later online. Compared to BMCC 2.5K raw footage, 4K r3d didn’t look much nor better all by the eye.

Hope to shoot r3d soon, after all it felt more complete camera then my tiny BMCC.

Viral video for LAIMA Estonia
Agency: IDEA AD
Production: Dagmar Mäe / Allfilm
Director: Andres Siem
DoP: Asko Elken / MEFF Stuudio
1st AC: Kārlis Jaunzems / Cineunit
Gaffer: Hendrik Saks, Alvar Kõue / Kinematik
Editor, colorist: Asko Elken / MEFF Stuudio
Stylist: Kristina Lõuk
MUA: Siiri Lauri
Recordist: Kristjan Kurm / Herzog
Soundmix: Matis Rei / Herzog
Shot on Red Epic

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