Toiduliit TVC from Asko Elken on Vimeo.

First shoot with bmcc and a bigger crew. Budget was tight though and we hadn’t too much time to set up scenes. I had a very busy couple of weeks behind, a lot of sleepless nights. Despite this we had to shoot at night and finished about 4am. It was really hard to concentrate and crew got a bit nervous. After all, we finished on schedule and I think we managed to fulfill clients expectations.

It wasn’t best time to explain why bmcc-s picture is so flat and looking overexposed. In another shoot and another time it would be ok, but not in this gig. It would be better then I had rented LUT box, so director and other crew members could watch properly exposed picture. One stress factor less 🙂

Lenses we used were rehoused cine Zeiss ZF, love those! At first they have longer focus ring than my EF glass, hard stops, manual iris and much smoother/film like picture. Widest lens we had was 25mm, it makes about 50mm front of bmcc. Lukily I brought my EF 16-35mm, but it wasn’t wide enough to fulfill directors wishes at some point. Fist time felt, it’s a problem not to have really wide lense. So, 11-16mm Tokina or similar is a must for a wider pow.

For camera support I used Tilta rig with external V-mount battery and TVLogic monitor. Whole rig weight too much for Manfrotto 504HD head and it needed a bit more concentration to get smooth pans and tilts.

Agency: IDEA AD
Production: Dagmar Mäe
Director: Rasmus Merivoo
DoP: Asko Elken
1st AC: Mattias Veermets
Gaffer: Venno Kornak
Colorist: Margus Voll
Set design: Kadri Kontus
MUA: Tiina Leesik

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